Learn what kind of instrument you have.

Acoustic Guitar – A guitar that does not need an amplifier to be heard above normal conversation. This could be a steel string guitar or nylon string guitar. Larger body sizes will give a more booming bass sound and they tend to be louder. Smaller body sizes have less of a bass sound and are sometimes quieter. It all depends on the type of wood used in the guitar construction and the design also.

Nylon String Classical Guitar – Also called a Spanish guitar. This guitar has a wider neck and is liked for it’s soft feel because of less tension on the strings. Finger picking is easier on a wider neck. Also the body of this guitar is smaller than a standard size steel string acoustic guitar. (Dreadnaught size)

Electric Guitar – This kind of guitar needs an amplifier to be heard well above normal conversation. Normally an electric guitar has a solid or semi-solid body.

Every guitar sounds different. Even ones that look identical. I always play a guitar before I consider buying it.