Hal Stead Testimonials

Several years ago I wanted to surprise my husband and teenage daughter with guitar lessons. They both wanted to learn to play. After talking with Hal Stead I decided to give him a try. We all have been very happy for the past 3-4 years. Hal is an amazing teacher.

He is very versatile in the way he teaches and can tailor his lessons to each person. For example; my husband had never played an instrument in his life, but he was able to learn a few of his favorite songs right away. Hal took a very simple, basic approach with him that was easy and fun. He only had to quit taking lessons recently because he travels so much with work.

My daughter, who left last year for college, had a little previous knowledge of music from taking 2 years of piano, but was still a beginner on the guitar. Hal taught her more technique and theory behind the songs that she learned. I appreciate the fact that Hal has been able to work with both of them in a way that was interesting and motivating, and on a level and pace that they were comfortable with.

A few months after my husband and oldest daughter started taking lessons my other kids wanted to start too. Since Hal comes to our house it was always very convenient. Throughout the past years he has taught my 12 year old daughter guitar and piano (at different times depending on her busy schedule) and is currently teaching my teenage son piano.

Hal is very musically talented and has a lot of knowledge about the piano and guitar. He can teach any age and any ability and will go at a pace that is best for the individual. I like the fact that he never makes the lessons stressful, especially since my family’s schedule can be very hectic at times. Hal is a great teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning to play the piano or guitar.
Wendy Perez

We have been so happy with Hal! My 10 year old son is learning the guitar and my 7 year old daughter the ukulele. Hal comes right to our house which is such a relief after a week of taking my children to different venues. It’s so nice to have someone come to us! I love that I can work around the house and listen to my kids strum along with Hal to all of their favorite songs.

My children look forward to their lessons each week. Hal makes learning an instrument fun, he knows how to teach children on their level and keeps them interested so they don’t burn-out. I highly recommend him as a teacher for children or adults. He is very talented.
-Kristy Wall

I had given up on the guitar years ago partly because I didn’t like strumming (didn’t know about fingerstyle) but mostly because I was trying to learn before the internet and in a vacuum. I accidentally came across one of your videos on YouTube and was intrigued. I dont recall exactly which one it was, but your explanation was done in a way that struck home and got me to take out my guitar from the back of the closet and give it another try. Now I practice about two hours a night (11-1am). The added value for me is that the dexterity/function I get from playing now is keeping my hands strong and nimble and overcoming any loss from my neuromuscular disease.

From our short interaction today I realized that I could greatly accelerate my learning through more interactions and lessons with you (if possible). I like the flexibility of online lessons, though I wasn’t prepared to be an active participant today. 😉 My mouth dropped when you asked me a question.

Having never had any formal training I don’t even know where what I know and don’t know fits into a formal plan. I have read a lot about theory and understand the principles behind chord formation and variation, though it would take me a while to take a chord and work out the change it represents.

My biggest hurdle is to figure out how to work them [lessons] in (I have 4 kids in lots of activities and a very demanding job). Your videos have been motivating and very informative.