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Judge Jim Gray – The Six Groups Who Benefit From Drug Prohibition

  1. Drug Lords
  2. Juvenal Gangs
  3. Law Enforcement
  4. Politicians
  5. Private Sector – Private Prisons, Prison Guards Union
  6. Terrorists – Funding is drug money

Then he talks about who is loosing and the benefits of getting rid of prohibition.

Superior Court Judge James P. Gray

Superior Court Judge James P. Gray gives his view point on the following:

  • That if California makes marijuana no longer illegal it does not mean that they condone it’s use
  • Talks about the thousands of people in prisons for only smoking marijuana
  • The tougher the state gets on marijuana prosecution the softer they get on the prosecution of everything else (rape, homicides, etc.)
  • The way to put cartels out of business is to undercut the price
  • Prohibition promotes stronger plants on the market
  • Easier for young people to get marijuana than alcohol
  • Young people get recruited by drug dealers during prohibition
  • Prohibition is not working

Cannabis, Marijuana

There are many states that have legalized Cannabis in the United States for medical use, and a few states that have legalized cannabis altogether including Washington DC. There is a bill in Utah that seeks to legalize medical cannabis. In an effort to understand how I feel about this issue I have been doing research. Look at what I found.

Epilepsy and Cannabis

The surprising story of medical marijuana and pediatric epilepsy | Josh Stanley
19 minutes This is currently my favorite video explaining one aspect of the properties of the cannabis or Marijuana plant and how it relates to epilepsy.

The Power of Raw Cannabis 12 min This is a view on Cannabis that I had never considered. What states have legalized Cannabis?   Wikipedia article The Utah Medical Cannabis Act The Chaos of Cannabis History of Cannabis Products from Cannabis include – cosmetics, houses, cars, clothing, fuel, paper, canvas, rope, medicines, and more. Industrial hemp can grow in 90 days, uses less water than conventional crops, requires less pesticides and herbicides, has zero wastage, is carbon negative and carbon neutral, it has phytoremediation properties (whatever that is), and it is a rotation crop.